Why Choose Avantstone?

Avantstone  has been proven to be the most cost effective solution to refinishing your worn or damaged countertop. Read on to see why so many customers have made the right choice!


Who hasn’t admired the rich look of a natural stone countertop, or one of the new solid surface counter materials?  Now you can have that look in your kitchen with Avantstone.


Avantstone  saves up to 70% compared to having a new solid surface countertop installed in your kitchen.  Just as important, an Avantstone installation is quick, saving your valuable time!


Avantstone  provides outstanding durability!  Avantstone  is non-porous - making it chemical and stain resistant.  Avantstone  is tough - providing a high level of  scratch and heat resistance.  Avantstone’s  durability is backed up with a limited 5-year warranty.


With many decorator colors to choose from Avantstone  will enhance the décor of your kitchen.  There is no tiered pricing - all colors available at the same low price!


Avantstone  is a seamless surface countertop material, eliminating the unattractive joints associated with laminate or stone countertops.


Did you know ...

Avantstone is:

  • more bacteria and stain resistant than granite
  • more scratch resistant than Corian
  • does not have seams like laminate and granite
  • is more repairable than laminate and granite


From seam to no seam!


Accidents happen, and no countertop is indestructible.  Unlike many other materials, Avantstone  is completely repairable, returning your countertop to new condition. 


Avantstone  is installed directly over your present counter.  No need to tear out your counter, sink or appliances.  In two days your counter can be Avantstone !


Avantstone  is an excellent investment.  Updating your kitchen is one of the best investments you can make in your home, dramatically increasing its resale value. Avantstone  delivers maximum return for minimum investment.