We can transform your counter!


Did you know ... 

Avantstone is: 

  • more bacteria and stain resistant than granite
  • more scratch resistant than Corian
  • does not have seams like laminate and granite
  • is more repairable than laminate and granite


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Would you like the look of a modern solid surface countertop in your kitchen, but without the high cost and mess of installation?  Avantstone was designed to do just that. 

Avantstone is a state-of-the-art composite surface for kitchen countertops. The beauty of natural stone with the durability of solid surface technology.

We can put a new surface right over your existing laminate countertop ...

We can put a new surface right over your existing laminate countertop, giving it an amazing new look! No longer will you have the squared corners or the seams that are often seen on the old-style laminate countertops. Your new surface is very hard and durable. All of this is done with your counter right in place, with no need of removing the sink.

Most installations can be completed in one day. The final product is a durable, modern looking, seamless countertop with a 5 year limited warranty. Your friends will think you spent a small fortune on new counters.

If you would like to see an actual sample of this amazing surface, go the "Contact" page and schedule a convenient time for us to come to your home, show you actual color samples and the surface, as well as give you a written estimate. Many of our customers have saved 50-70% of the cost of installing a new solid surface countertop.